Meet Alli


Inworld I go by the name of Allison Walker! I prefer to be called Alli.  Though you can find me at Allisonnicoleanne

I began blogging in 2016 to give me something to do in my free-time. I started under the name of Caits Corner and decided over the years to change it once I began blogging full time. So  I decided to go with Pink Candy Kisses, since  I am girly girl and usually wear alot of pink.  It kind of stuck over the past 2 years. It started as a way  to share my love of photography! Then it slowly progressed into what it is today!

Babygirl – Mother – Daughter – Aunt – Sister- Niece-
Photographer – Designer – Reader – Blogger – Gamer Girl

Owner and Creator of Portrait Pro Poses

Over 30 – 100% Female – All Verified
Real Life is not your concern and reserved for those close to me! I will share bits of Real Life but not all of the time and I have to get to know you first!  Do not fool your self SL and RL co inside and never forget that. Be true to yourself when it comes to who you are in both worlds. Never let someone try and change you to fit their needs.

Never judge a book by its cover. I have made mistakes and I have learned from them. I am perfectly flawed with imperfections just as any other. I am not perfect or claim to be! I will not change who I am for anyone so do not ask me to! Want to know more just ask. Though You many never get the answers you seek.

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I blog when I am able to do so. Sometimes It will take me a few days to get a post out but I always do so when able to.. If you find a broken link or think additional information should be added please contact me asap! Updating missing Links as I can. Be Patient!